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  • This grease is specially made for Waterproof proof O-ring or gasket which used on your Panasonic Waterproofproof shaver after you change the batteries. It will prevent the shaver from Waterproof leaking through to damage the circuit.
  • Normally, after you opened your shaver for repairing or changing battery, the shaver will become not Waterproofproof so that the leaking Waterproof will ruin the shaver and put your repair work in waste after you reassemble the opened shaver parts back.
  • With this grease, you only need to use your finger to apply a thin layer of this grease on the O-ring / gasket. Your shaver will be restored to the Waterproofproof shaver again. It will not damage the rubber of the O-Ring as the design, not like other kind of greases. This is the same grease that OEM uses when installing the O-ring at the factory. It is a silicone based grease that is very stable and inert. It will not oxidize as the petroleum based grease. The very high viscosity of the grease will help to improve the seal to prevent Waterproof from leaking through.
  • Installation Instruction

Waterproof Grease

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  • Moh again. Good news to tell you. Iíve my ordered shaver battery received this morning.
    It was just what I need. The shaver works again. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
    Thank you again. You are a gentle. Best regards
  • Moh. Jaballah, from Netherlands, Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 6:38 AM